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Concert Review

The R-Evolution of Steel rocks Hamburg V

rkerber57 / vor 19 Stunden

Ort: Bambi galore, Hamburg
Datum: 29. März 2019

A week after the Metal Over Malta Festival, I was back on the road in Hard Rock / Heavy Metal. Organized by Poser 667 Productions, the R-Evolution Of Steel Tour made a stop in Hamburg, in the Bambi Galore, a small Club in the Basement of the Palace of Culture in the Billstedt District. The Pictures of the Evening can be seen on Flickr.

Four hot Underground bands celebrated a Heavy Metal Night with their Fans. As some Bands were in Traffic Jams on arrival, the Beginning was postponed by half an hour. And the Running Order has been changed a little bit. Here's how Ivory Tower kicked off at around 20:30 Into the Evening. And the Band, which was founded in Kiel in 1996, really heated up the Fans. Clear powerful Vocals with frequent high Screams and the Interplay between Keyboard and guitar determined the Sound. I particularly liked the twelve-minute "Foreboding." Then Iron Horses from Kröpelin (near Rostock) sounded a little harsher and harder, thanks mainly to the almost thoroughly scratchy Singing. A Razor blade could be seen on the Side-drop of the Berlin band Metall. Of course, associations with the Judas Priest Album "British Steel" immediately arose. Metal was also the only Band of the Evening that were on stage with two Guitarists. And yes, quotes from the British could be heard over and over again.

After three bands, which were still unknown to me for me, were able to convince me with their Performances, "old Acquaintances" came to the Stage at the end, Black Hawk from Hamburg. It's only been a few months since I last experienced her live, on stage at Maria's Ballroom in Harburg. Also this Evening the focus was on the current, but not entirely dewy Album "The End Of The World." But the Hamburgers are already working on new material. So you could hear two new songs with "Smoking Guns" and "Destination Hell," from their upcoming Single. These could be purchased exclusively at the Merch stand.

Shortly before one o’clock on Saturday morning, the last Sound also rang out. After more than four hours of Sound with classic Heavy Metal, Fans made themselves happy on their way home. In Addition to Music, there was also a Tombola. For one Euro you could buy a lot and take advantage of Profits that had been donated by the Bands or the Organizer: T-Shirts, CDs, Tickets. I would like to thank all those involved, the Bands, the Organiser and the Staff of the Bambi galore.


Ivory Tower:

Iron Horses:


Black Hawk:


R-Evolution Of Steel

Hamburg, Bambi-Galore, 29.03.2019

Today our Journey finally goes again to the Hanseatic City on the Elbe, more precisely to the iconic Bambi-Galore in Hamburg's South-East. Here is today's sunny Friday the start of the Spirit of Steel Weekend, which is taking place for the third Time, which consists of two Events, the R-Evolution Of Steel rocks Hamburg and the Spirit of Metal of the HMFC Metalheads e.V. Today, R-Evolution Of Steel rocks Hamburg V (ROS) is making the Start with a great Mix of local Greats in Northern Germany. The ROS has now grown into a Concert Tour, which today represents the penultimate Day of the Tour and culminates in a preliminary Climax. The Bambi is quite well filled, even if one or the other still captures the last rays of sunshine until it finds the staircase downhill into the old Water Reservoir.

So the Power Proggers from Kiel are allowed to open tonight. Ivory Tower should be known since its Heyday at the Turn of the Millennium at the latest, when the second Album "Beyond The Stars" caused a Stir. A Keyboard on the right side of the stage represents a rather unusual Picture. Still, the Fiver around charismatic Fronter Andre Fischer can fire their progressive Power Metal into the Crowd from the Start and quickly create some open Mouths. The police are already standing at the Entrance for the second Song. But not, as is to be assumed, because of the Volume, no, there was an ominous Customer behaving outside the Door next to it. However, he was not a Metaller and did not belong to the Event. The Not entirely text-proof singer gets nothing from all this on stage and unfortunately doesn't really manage to let the Spark skip with me, as Opposed to the predominant part of the Crowd. The Playing Time is well utilized with a Cross-section of the Band's four Releases. Under more than just Courtesy Applause, the sympathetic Northern Lights leave the Stage and many conduct research steps directly to the Merch table.

It may well be that we have not yet seen the One-guitar quartet Iron Horses from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania live. The Title of her first Album "Titan 'n' Bones from 2007 flickers dark in memory and we're excited about her Performance. You can be, too, because the Boys give good Gas. Heavy Metal with a nice Dose of Rock 'n' Roll. The Quartet is a welcome guest in the Hanseatic City, who have also made an Appearance here in the Bambi. Also with Iron Horses is probably the Main Pole of the Band of singers. Sebastian Wegner cuts a good Figure, which is particularly noticeable to the female part of the Audience, but also vocally the Guy has a lot on the Box. The String Group is a great Symbiosis, where you can see that they have been sharing the Stage together for a few years and are well attuned to each other. Time passes as if in Flight, until the last Song finds a kind of abrupt end. Great Performance of the Iron Horses and with loud Support from the Audience, the four leave the Stage so that the Organizer Poser 667 can continue his universally popular Raffle education. For small Money there are lots to buy at his Events and as a win wave great Main Prizes such as Shirts or even Tickets for his next Events.

Clearly one of the more popular East German metal bands at the time belongs to the Berliners with the concise Name Metall, who later called themselves Headless. The Troop led by Bassist Sven Rappoldt, also the Operator of the legendary 'Halford' In the Federal Capital, will drop a new Album at the End of April, which will listen to the title "Metal Fire", thus forming a successor to the first Work "Metal Heads" in the 2017. The Fiver makes good Steam, stepping on the accelerator pedal mightily from the Beginning and neat Ass. The Four-string operator Sven also likes to take a Trip into the Audience, which then goes down well even with the same. Their Set is a Mixture of Songs from the old and upcoming Album, which you could pre-order at the Merch table. Fronter Joél acts super with the Audience and is vocally full on the Up. Strong Performance of Metal, which is already making its second Appearance at the Bambi today. After feeling far too short of playing time, the guys decide on their Set with the Title track of the Debut "Metal Heads".

Black Hawk from Mölln are old Haudegen, whose Roots go back to 1981. Whoever roams in the metallic Underground will always have come across Signs of the Quintet's Life, even if they were sometimes inactive in between. Since 2005 they have released six Albums and tonight in the Bambi they also expect a significant Audience allowance.  Fists go high, no Wonder, so "Destination Hell", also from the current Output, is the fastest Piece to date, which brings some Steam under the Hood with quite static Performance. The Setlist is colorfully mixed and the Boys can draw on a considerable Repertoire from thirty-eight Years of Band history. Still, tonight's Focus is on the aforementioned, final Album. A rousing Heavy Metal show that delivers the Quintet here. Before the acclaimed Encore "Living After Midnight" there is the final Raffle of the ever-popular Tombola, in which Singer Udo Bethke Cuts a fine figure as a Lot fairy. As the really last Song of the Evening, this time you cover the Classic "Detroit Rock City", which also goes down well in the exposed Rows and is celebrated mightily. Class Show and great that Black Hawk finally made it to the Bambi stage. It's just a Pity that the Shop was not fuller at simultaneous Metal events in the area on this magnificent Friday evening, which was presented with a lot of Love to detail by the Organizer Poser 667, who then, by the way, himself as a DJ behind the Pult acted and floods the Dance Floor with well-known Classics from the last Decades. It is clear that the Underground in Hamburg is really lively and greedy after Evenings like this.

Author: Tino Sternagel-Petersen, Joxe Schaefer
Pics: Joxe Schaefer



25. March 2019  CONCERT REPORT

Written by Helgvar Sven Mánfredson / Photos by Helgvar Sven Mánfredson

Zwischenbau-Rostock: The first Time I listened to metallic Sounds in this Location. The first Time I experienced these four Bands. Until now it was not granted to me, so I was already excited! My first Impression within ... Cool Stage in size, enough Space for the freedom of movement of the Artists. For me at the moment as a Photographer of course not quite uninteresting, as all the Band Members (so I suspect) should become clearly visible to my Camera. So then on the chosen Evening for everyone Involved on and in front of the stage at the: R-EVOLUTION OF STEEL TOUR 2019!

At about 20:30 p.m. North German Local Time IVORY TOWER from Kiel was the first to take the Stage. Excellent Heavy/Power Metal with a versatile Dirk Meyer drank my Ears on the Microphone. From a public Point of view, it was rather empty, but that didn't stop the Band from rocking neatly. Personally, I liked it, because the Gentlemen were very versatile in their musical Range. A brief final Conversation with the aforementioned Singer reinforced the positive Impression. Maybe it will take them back to our Area. A concert Visit is always worthwhile. If you don't want or want to wait as long as you can get a musical Picture on their Side.

After a short Renovation Phase, BLACK HAWK from Hamburg entered the Stage boards. The Quartet or band was formed in 1981, has several Demos, a mini LP and seven Studio albums on the Credit Page (so at least my Research), the First of which appeared in 1989. The latest Longplayer dates back to 2017 and listens to the Name "The End Of The World."

Musically, I was offered classical Heavy Metal with a lot of Experience that Night. Of course, the Gentlemen could do things differently, too, and so [if my Ears didn't play Me a Prank] I realized "Scream in the Night," a song bursting with Power and Force. The second Band of the Evening and here, too, it was always worth being there.

The Program continued with METALL from Berlin. The Band was founded in 1982 in what was then the GDR. In 1988, a Name change was Made in HEADLESS and, for various Reasons, it disbanded in 1991. The Reboot as METALL Was made in August 2013 by founding and Great-member Sven Rappoldt.

Definitely I can say for myself that it was a Pleasure to experience this Power Formation. The Opener "Metalheads" from the album of the same name from 2017 was already the Burner and an absolute Board according to my metallic taste, just full on the Cap. Musically, I was "supplied" with Songs from both Albums, with the Second "Metal Fire" not released until April 26, 2019. I then have this again on my CD Record check review Maker, just like its Predecessor. Conclusion: Not for the Last Time I have experienced the Berliners live, because Songs like "Wrath", "Crimson King", "Fly" or "Imperium" are pure METALL!

Last but not least and at an advanced Hour, but no less motivated than the previous Bands: IRON HORSES from Rostock.

The Quartet around Singer Sebastian Wegner (Babschke) fired several metallic Salvos and Rockets during this Performance. The Song "Punisher" Was just one Example. Fat Riffs, driving Drums and the Tempo held high from start to Finish and no longer let go, topp! If not some part of the Body has twitched, then I don't know either. "Desperado" and also "The Game" were catchy Rousing songs in beautiful Rock ‘n’ Roll style. Verdict: An Appearance that makes and has made damn Lust for more. I think I heard a lot of Songs from the 2013 Album "Black Leather." I will probably get this for our Magazine and write a CD Review. Definitely this is a Band you should see several times. Anyone who has so far failed to do so should make up for it as soon as possible.

Final Fence: A successful Evening with four great Bands, with different Styles, so that the Variety was given in every Respect on Site. It was a great pity and sad that so few Spectators to this Event had managed to just stop by. So I pay the highest Respect to the bands for their Game Mood and say thank you very much!

Metal-Hammer (August 2011)

It's amazing: When Singer Babschke opens his mouth, you immediately feel reminded of Zodiac Mindwarp or even more strongly Alice Cooper, though the Musicians themselves are more likely to see their Main influences at Motörhead, Judas Priest or the Scorpions. The four-piece band from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has existed for almost eleven years, distinguished Not only by their artisanally impeccable finger skills, but also by a grippy and coherent Songwriting. With Black Leather, they also make an obvious Confession of the Scene in which they feel at home: Traditional Metal, originating in the Eighties, some quirky Soundplays and wonderful Blues-influenced Guitar Solos (Congratulations, Mr. Strings Stretner Manu!).

Matthias Mineur


Iron Horses’s Band name conjures up many images in my quite fertile mind. On of the favourites are of a long line of Harley Davidson Panheads rolling down the highways in a smoke spewing pack, motors thrumming away in a cacophony of pure roaring power as the leather clad riders sombrely pilot their machines along… Ah, that is such a great image, and a flood of pure energy as I let it sit in my head for a moment. Now…on to the task at hand, is this German band as good as that image was?

The band is a conglomeration of straight ahead Metal music and some anger-meets-extreme-angst driven Hard Rock that is not really new… but how it is put all together it actually almost seems to be a new and improved styling of fuck you metal has never been as damned good. The band drips, oozes and just exudes that sort of pure attitude that comes with just being who you are.

These guys are the real deal when it comes to straight ahead music. They mix the styles of such great acts as AC/DC, Ted Nugent and even Priestess with the power of Motorhead and even some Rose Tattoo, yet they have seemed to have made sure that their music is purely their own. They almost out sleaze Motley Crue here… and that is a task that is very hard to do, yet they have!!

If your looking for some serious Shred metal or some Progressive sort of angles to your musical diet, go elsewhere… but. if you are looking for music with loads of attitude, honesty and some seriously large set of gonads… then Iron Horses are the band for you. They do not apologize for who they are, and the seem to want to stomp on those unfortunate people that try to get them to not be who they are.

It seems as the down and dirty type of metal have a new leader come to the forefront, and they will keep that crown for a long time.


Atmosphere: 8.5

Production: 8

Originality: 7

Overall: 8

Rating: 7.9

Author: Jd Wheels

HEAVY, 03/09

Hell! What kind of High-calibre storey from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is? IRON HORSES are five nice Guys from the Neighborhood who celebrate the Kick Asses sound almost perfectly. This CD contains ten razor-sharp Songs, which are massively fat produced and line the middle fingers with powerful support to the Competition. Dirty, wild, raw, but with the right Eggs, the Boys rock and rip one off that you can't believe the Boys don't hold a decent Deal in their Hand yet. ZZ TOP, MOTÖRHEAD, DUSTSUCKER are the main Influences, where I hear here and there a Pinch of NWoBHM a la RAVEN or TANK. That's so something of horny! To do this, the Guys drive Constantly full throttle and Singer Sebastian Wegner has neat iron in his Voice.

Shit on lengthy Declarations: 'TITAN 'N' BONES' is a Hammer Disc and will give fans of the Aforementioned Troops sleepless Nights. Who wants to know something about Innovations, Conventions, etc.!? Shit, this is Rock and Roll! Guys, keep going – no Attempts to sound any different – like that and that's the only way you'll go your Way! KILL!

Author: Jürgen Tschamler (11 von 12 Punkte)


Powerful Brake marks and Steam leave this young talented Troop with the Listener and wows with hellishly horny ass step skirt with metal attitude that sprays it just so.

Not a Frickle or instrumental Rum Dudel, but full Pull on the 12 with great Wit, which immediately makes you in good Spirits. This is exactly how uncompromising hard Sound is supposed to come across, the very good fat production does its rest.

Here stand Bands like NASHVILLE PUSSY, ROSE TATTOO, MOTÖRHEAD or EVEN TANK clearly godfather, whereby, except for Motörhead from the Mentioned Bands, not everyone rocks out as EARTHY and vigorous as IRON HORSES do on their Debut "Titan 'N' Bones."

10 crisp Rockers who are literally crying out live to be celebrated on sweaty Stage boards. Everything is just right about this Chunk of Rock, great Instrumentation and with Sebastian "Babschke" Wegner a Rock Tube, which is reminiscent of Blaine Cartwright from NASHVILLE PUSSY.

On www.myspace.com/ironhorsesmetal you can test the Penetration power of this above-average troop yourself and, if possible by purchasing the CD, you can deservedly keep the underground alive, in the Direction of IRON HORSES all I have left to say is: More so, very, very horny, Guys!!!



Iron Horses? Interesting Name. Which Hard Rocker doesn't immediately think Of Motörhead's Album track spelled in the Singular?

According to the program, the Ten-tracker Titan 'n' Bones (hammery-horny as the Ass on the Bucket of matching titles!) drives heavily on the Kick-Ass Rock 'n' Roll rail. Speedburner a la The Boneshaker, The Steammachine Pt. 1 + 2, Desperados, Chrash and Burn and Step Out point the Way towards Rock 'n' Roll Highway without long Banter!

If you love the colorful Mix of AC/DC, Motörhead, Rose Tattoo, Nashville Pussy, V8 Wankers, you can put Iron Horses on the right Horse. Predatory, dirty, dust-eating, cranky and archanting down to the Shirt, Titan 'n' Bones is sumptuously suited to rich biker and Rock 'n' Roll parties. Furt-dry Brutally fast High Speed Rock 'n' Roll in the Ideal old School, which blows all Pit Gears free. Born to lose, live to Win!



"Titan 'n' Bones" is the name of the first Work of the five Iron Horses from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The Band was formed in 2000 and has already participated in some Band Competitions, including the Metal Battle in Wacken. Highlights of the Band are also likely to be the Concerts of Rose Tattoo and Gamma Ray, where the Iron Horses provided a Mood as an opening act.

If you consider that this Disc is pure In-house production, you can be surprised at the professional Sound that the Horses here supply. This Material can be described as a healthy Mixture of Rock and Metal. The ten Tracks all testify to a Speed it has in it. The Fact is: It definitely doesn't get boring. Singer Babschke ruts out with his scrappy and dirty voice some lines of text where you don't know if voice or Lyrics are dirtier. With "Alright, this one goes out to all those nasty bitches out there ..." One is welcomed to the Title "Boneshaker", which you will not forget so quickly. Not only with this Song you can listen to one or the other Groove, with the Bass stabbing out in its Depth every now and then. Guitars and Drums guide the Listener through the Album and usually come across hard, but sometimes also extremely casual. A bit more sophisticated texts I would like to see in some Places, but you can't have it all.

The Iron Horses know how to whim with "Titan 'n' Bones" at the very first Pass and the CD is certainly good for some Parties and also live this Band is likely to be really Fun.

Live Report - "Bands Battle 2006"

Location: Tankhaus - D-Stavenhagen (Meckl.)    


                      15.06.2006 – Walzenstein

Sunday, 17.06.2006

Saturday begins with the Bands Battle ritually with an Early Shopping and a matching Band, which plays for Dancing or Nudge. And that's like bewitched this Year, because first The Pharaoh cancelled it because they broke up at short notice, then Neverless should rock, but there it hollowed out the Guitarist a Day before The Festival started. What do you do then? You get the great IRON HORSES. I love this Band! Singer Babschke may be in Hospital, but the Kröpeliner come with Substitute Singer Tobias Rossman and he too has it on it, but unfortunately not all the Songs of the Iron Horses. But this does not Detract from the mood, on the Contrary; The Guys then just play three Gigs in a row. And one gets funnier than the other, due to the Band's rising Alcohol Level. Then there are Announcements, like: This Song comes from a time when the Railway was still a Railway and not as 'n shit as it is today! ... Steammachine!! "Or:" We wrote the Songs in Texas at the time in Death Valley without Water, but with Beer!. The high Alcohol Level of the IRON HORSES remains constant throughout the Day. (Walzenstein)



Bands Battle - Bericht 2006

Written by Noisi    

Friday, 23. June 2006

Saturday 17. June 2006

There is no real Break with the Bands Battle. Already in the morning at 10:00 we went on with a hearty Rock 'n' Roll early Shopping. Iron Horses made it rock really nice in front of the Tank House, so I got in the mood for one or the other Beer right back. That was pure Metal, the Band and Spectators had a lot of Fun. So a successful Prelude, to the following metal marathon.


Live Report - "W:O:A Metal Battle with Sudden Havoc, Gruntslug, Solace, Red Ink, Coogans Bluff, Iron Horses and Special Guest: Drone"

Location: M.A.U. e.V. - D-Rostock     


  09.02.2007 – Walzenstein

Now the regular guests of the Metal Battle: IRON HORSES. They are already there for the third time and until now the Kröpeliners have always failed quite narrowly. Anyway; they show the Audience again what a 'Steammachine' is. IRON HORSES are already in a Class of their own. The Music settled somewhere between Motörhead and dirty Hard rock and on Stage dervishes. That's the way it has to be. With "Tear 'em Down," this time they have as an Opener, even my favorite Song in the Repertoire. I love this Band and would RED INK NOT be there today ... they certainly would have won. Then the Jury retreats and DRONE changes the Stage. They're the metal battle winners of the past Year, touring the battle cities to promote their new CD. Unfortunately, I do not get so much from them, because I withdrew with the Jury, I have to determine the Winner from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. And the Winner will be unanimously accounted for. We enter the Stage and the Audience has probably split into two Camps. So from the left come the RED INK chants and from the right the CALLS for the IRON HORSES. "And the winner is: RED INK!." Fair Applause from all Corners and a worthy Representative from the State with the longest Baltic Coast in Germany. Even though I treated the IRON HORSES to this ..., RED INK BLEW me away as well. A fine Evening with a wide Range of Musical Styles, (unfortunately) bad sound and Bands.



Red Ink - Winner of W:O:A Metal Battle

Februar 10th, 2007
Posted in Concerts by stefan

After Red Ink, Coogan's Bluff played, followed by the Iron Horses. The Guys tried to win the Metal Battle for the third Time in a row and had Red Ink not played Red Ink in the Evening, then they would probably have succeeded. Their big Plus was the Audience, because the Fans of the steely horses appeared very numerous and made it quite tight in front of the Stage. When the Rock 'n' Roll broke over them for a long time and here also a very good Pogo began, in addition to Many text-proof fans, who together with Babscke paid homage to heavy Metal.

After the last Song, Iron Horses Choruses were written, which already celebrated their supposed winner. It was pretty clear there would be a Two-way fight that Night and somehow none reckoned with winners other than the Horses or Red Ink either.

So The Jury stuck their Heads together to bridge that Time, last Year's W:O: A Metal Battle winner played, Drone.

Then the Jujoren came on stage and in front of it the Audience divided into two Camps that repeatedly chanted "Iron Horses" and "Red Ink", but let the People on stage not have their Say in the First place and interrupted them again and again. In Between, they wanted to know up there if There were still people for other Bands. A short "Coogans Bluff" Chorus Emerged, but it was just as displaced as a Demand for "us 5."


Slacker's VIII Review


The second "Broadcast Slot" was caught by the Iron Horses. There it always goes anyway, I thought to myself in Advance and so it was. Fierce, loud Rock 'n' Roll with a neat load of solo Liners. The Guitar's Heart beats higher. The Show was also Class. In addition to the Guitar Neck Prose, there were also various Standard poker Scenes on display. Everything just fit great. Other Bands should cut themselves off. The Surprise then came as the Horses boasted a new Version of "Come and get it!" Some Wanted to coerce the old Chorus, but were then briefly confused. Very finely evolving the Song!


Tear ‘em down


Iron Horses - Tear ´Em Down

 Rock 'n' Roll


The Fiver from Kröpelin on the Baltic Sea has dedicated himself entirely to the Power-loaded rock and roll and has already released a Disc called  "Ride For Rock 'n' Roll", on which three Cover versions of AC/DC can be found. So You don't have to be a Genius to know which Muck this Band has to commit.  "Tear 'Em Down" breathes Old School from front to back, Rocks and rolls audibly well and is likely to run down like synthetic oil to friends of bands like AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO or DOOMFOXX, with IRON HORSES sometimes still a Point harder and faster than the Models! The Production has also been very strong and voluminous for a Demo; Just a little more Memorability and Earworm Compatibility with the pieces I would have liked. Nevertheless, the three beautifully red-rehearsed Songs  "Burning Babe", "Desperados" and the Title Track are consistently fun, and I can't think of any Reason not to recommend this Disc to the targeted Audience! (do)

New Comment

 You really rock the go! I watched the Formation LIVE at THE W:O:A Metal-Battle! If only I had wished, that they would have won! RESPECT:)

Holger (08.03.2006)


Iron Horses - Tear ’Em Down

Another Megaalbum like this with a whopping three Whole songs on it! In the past, something like that was simply called AN EP! Haha!

Well, but for that se are well produced, the three Songs, and good are se too. Everything your Heart desires, sometimes packed into three Songs, and off the Luzie!

The five iron Horses from Northern Germany (Kröpelin) express their Love of Rock 'n roll exuberantly, loudly, rosy and skilfully.

I bet they're live the Bang! The Beginning of the Opener is I think stolen from the "Scorpions. By "Tease Me, Please Me." Maybe I do myself too, and that just sounds so similar. But even if: Never do it, is just a very short Part anyway. This is followed By sounds that compare to "Rose Tattoo", "Motörhead" or the good old "Iron Maiden." And then on top of that Guitar Parts à la Angus Young. Without Shit now!

A wise Decision that the five Band Members made when they ropped together in 2000. Even when he grad ma is so around twenty years old, they still manage to make the Spirit of all old metal and Rock 'n' Roll legends seem alive. Well, too bad it's only three Songs. But Iron Horses are grad in the Studio and are recording new Material.

This makes you hope for a decent young metal!

Score: 4,0 von 5.



Iron Horses (UNSIGNED) - Steammachine - MCD (Self-production)

Author Rating:  

Release Date: 2006

Bands Battle 2005 in Stavenhagen. There was a Band I'd never heard of before. This is despite them coming very close to me. Iron Horses. Heavy Metal was the Order of the day (at least that's how it was on the Flyers). Iron Hoses took to the Stage ... and won. Bands like Raise Hell or Centinex (R.I.P.) stood in front of the Stage and were visibly fond. Me, too. Since that moment I have been a big Iron Horses fan who has come to know and appreciate the Boys in the meantime. Despite health Setbacks, the Band is steady and honest. Yes, arguably one of the most honest and authentic Bands I know. Singer Babschke, for example, had a serious car accident. He told me that through the myriad fractures he now wears a Knight's Armor under his Skin. Now he doesn't just carry Metal in his Heart.

"Steammachine" is an MCD that tears along. A Steam locomotive sounds and drives from the left to the right ear before Doublebass-Animal Waldschraadt Malmys its Skins. A Pinch of Motörhead, a Ounce ZZ top, as further Ingredients still W.A.S.P., Judas Priest, Rose Tattoo and all this mixed with good classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock ... The Sound of the Iron Horses is ready. But to leave it that way would be far too easy. You realise the boys are living their Sound. This is despite the boys still being quite young (Steiner is the oldest Horse in the Stable at 26 Lenses). Do you rarely have young people live out this Style (at least here in the Area).  

This Disc is formally animated to Join in. And I swear to You: When Listening to this MCD, there is no Foot standing still. Iron Horses are Faves for me in their Music Direction and it will ... Damn again ... Time for these Guys to pull a Record deal ashore. They could already prove themselves enough. But unfortunately, there were probably not the right People on the Pitch yet who could take the Boys forward. Be it in the Pre-program of Rose Tattoo or on Polish Television. Joah, the Boys got it real on it!! Thumbs all the way to the top!!!!!! Yes, they're the boneshakers, babe!

If you are Interested, you should get the CD quickly via the Horses website: www.iron-horses.com

Author: [Walzenstein]



  CD-Review: Iron Horses – Steammachine

Steini (19.11.2006)

Like a Steam Engine, the Muck Does not roll into the Ear Canals, but the Machinists give a fleet of classic heavy And Hard Rock. Stylistically, the catchy Tracks fit into the early 80s.

The Titles animate to mosh and Air guitar rip. :-) I'm thinking about one or The Other Biker Party I went along with right now ...

The Production sounds ewas thin, but otherwise there's nothing wrong with it. Verdict: Not bad, Mr. Specht. One should definitely continue to follow the Career of the Rostock.


Review: IRON HORSES - Steammachine (CD)




With a large-scale Information Campaign, the German Metals have not exactly delighted us. The naked Cheapo (without Cover, Booklet, Fresco Pieces) was at some point in The Mailbox and so, as a resourceful Editor, the Most Basic was just sucked out of the Net (www.iron-horses.de). Since 2000, the Boys have been lurking and since then have given two Publications, namely "Tear Comer Em Down" and "Ride For Rock 'n' Roll". These Titles already make it reasonably clear where the JOURNEY of IRON HORSES should go, namely towards old coloured metal with good pressing Frequencies and a bit of Boogie and Party All Night Long, if I may say this so plainly Kiss-ig. The current Effusion "Steammachine" makes an old Steam Locomotive in the Intro (the Munich Railway from the 80s greet) snort and then brews 'The Steammachine', which you would have liked to take from early Running Wild (here I mean the first two Discs) – Always with a Dash of Rock 'n' Roll. Guitar Solos as you know them from early Accept, included. Eerie Mishiness also oozes 'The Boneshaker', which could also be denounced for a rather unconventional Collaboration between WASP and Rose Tattoo. The Affinity for Judas Priest is not really to be denied on 'Step Out', I think. To pay a Kind of Tribute to the old Birmingham steel heroes here ('Hell Bent For Leather' you can probably hear at every House corner, gelle!) is not a Sin ('Sin After Sin', ähem) in the real Sense. The Closer 'Crash And Burn' is a colorful mixture of everything mentioned so far and one is satisfied about a rich administration of fundamental Herdrenal from the old days, but new Accents cannot set IRON HORSES. But they probably don't want to. Almost 20 minutes of uncomplicated Drying Off are safe here anyway and this should probably be rewarded with serious and honest 9 Eyes.


9 of 13 Eyes

Bernd Joachim





To all Hard Rock And Rollin' / Metal maniacs into greats like early AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, V8 Wankers, American Dog, Nashville Pussy,...Iron Horses from Germany will satisfied your rebel hearts for sure too! Back in 2000 in a place called Kropelin, some guys were on the hunt for sex, drug and definetly Rock 'n' Roll. Building up their own formation to kick each and every Rocker's ass was aim number one...and piece by peace, all became reality! Iron Horses' line-up existed from 5 members, actually True Hard Rock / Heavy Metal maniacs with the heart on the right place and a rebel mind!

Ready to rumble, a first three track demo entitled ''Tear 'Em Down'' was brought in in 2004. The songs ''Burnin' Babe'', ''Desperados In Town'' and ''Tear 'Em Down'' on it sounds brillliant guys! Raw, whiskey fueled throat, heavy guitars with great rhythms and dirty solo's, stunning bass lines and hard-hitting drum smashes were just only some of them vertebrate characteristics. A young band that brings back the 80s tradition that way slaps me in the face right away! Whatever, it's fun, wild and heavy...it knocks you outta control in no time.

Cut the bullshit and going their own 'Rocking' way was their goal, independent as they were, a second EP saw the light of day two years later on entitled ''Steammachine''. These guys changed a damn thing to their nammer of the game, Iron Horses kept on rockin' like never before. Besides an intro, songs like ''The Steammachine'', ''The Bonebreaker'', ''Step Out'' and ''Crash And Burn'' bladders as a tornado straight through your speakers. Guys experienced the eighties Metal scene, wil know the US Metal band named Atrophy for sure (you know, the guys with two fantastic albums, ''Socialized Hate'' and ''Violent By Nature'')...well, Iron Horses' vocalist Sebastian 'Babschke' Wegner does remind me to that guy from time to time.

For the rest, Iron Horses is able to bring on the party as soon as you're playing their stuff so where's the booze goddamned?! Their website mentioned Iron Horses also has a limited edition of a third, full length album entitled ''Rock 'n' Roll'' included twelve songs but personalli, i've never heard a song from that album. Unfortunately, according to the Internet site these would be sold off. Three 'independent' works delivered so far in the existence of Iron Horses but these guys deserves a lot more. They have the quality and skills within its ranks which means Iron Horses next step should be the chance to sign a contract.

All of the bands i've mentioned in the beginning of my review are personal faves, meanwhile Iron Horses has been added to that list. Live it up entirely on the music of these Germans, a must-have to go wild all the way for every old school, True Rockin' Metal music fanatics! Visit their website at: www.iron-horses.com and order both ''Tear 'Em Down'' , ''Steammachine'' right on.

According to me, there's a complete certainly future for these guys. Keep on Rockin' guys and hope to hear more from you in the near future.  MY POINTS: 93 / 100


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