That was great, fantastic, just wow. What Doberan has experienced on saturday was a dream for many fans. Who would have thought forty years ago, the T-REX plays in Bad Doberan. Nobody!!!

The Kamptheater was sold out, with more than threehundred fans. Actually an unusual atmosphere but when the fans  stood, after the first song, the Kamptheater was transformed to a great rockhall.

Many thanks to the fans who have supported us with their presence!!!

Babschke Manu Gino and Lou


trex1 trex2 trex3

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Garage Deluxe


Hell Yeah Munich! Thanks to all fans at the Garage Deluxe!

A great evening with cool bands and a lot of fun!

Next Stop:

Bad Doberan with T-Rex!


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New Bassplayer

4917683389341Our friend and bassplayer Moler left the band, because of personal reasons. We wish him good luck and all the best for the future.

And now we’re proud to present you our new bandmember on the bassguitar. Welcome Mr. LUDWIG!


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We are looking back into a successful year, with a lot of touring and great festivals. This all would not have been possible without you, the IRON HORSES fans.

We want to thank you for your constant support and wish you all the very best for the year 2016. May you all stay healthy and your wishes come true! Happy New Year!

Babschke, Manu, Gino and Moler!!!

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